ANda Sumatra Tour and Travel
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Welcome to Sumatra,,,
ANda Sumatra Tour and Travel focused in arrangement all over Sumatra, especially for adventure, cultural and historical tours. We show the true Sumatra famous for its huge tropical rain forest including 17 endemic genera of plants and home to 201 mammal species and 580 bird species. You will be handled to visit the most beautiful places: Orangutan in Bukit Lawang – Elephant in Tangkahan & Way Kambas – Volcano in Brastagi & Kerinci National Park – Lake Toba – Bukittinggi – Beach on Weh island & Padang – Surfing on Mentawai and other exotic places. We will make your memorable trip in Sumatra

ANda Sumatra Tour and Travel
Medan –North Sumatra


3 Days Orangutans Tour

An adventure tour to the part of Gunung Leuser National Park in Bukit Lawang where you can see the Orangutans at the feeding platform and wild life

4 Days Elephants & Orangutans Tour

Within 4 days you will be interacted with Elephants in Tangkahan and Orangutans in Bukit Lawang as part of Gunung Leuser National Park

5 Days Sumatran Jungle Trekking Experiences

The real adventure to explore the Gunung Leuser National Park with its wildlife, challenging trek, learning and enjoying stay in the jungle

4 Days Brastagi – Lake Toba Tour

Enjoy a soft tour in 4 days to visit the highland of Brastagi and a giant lake Toba as home of Karo & Batak’s cultures

5 Days Medan – Bukit Lawang – Brastagi – Lake Toba Tour

Unforgettable experiences see the Orangutans combine with visit to the ethnic group of Karo & Batak’s in North Sumatra

08 Days North West Sumatra Overland Tour (Included Orangutans)

A complete tour enjoying the tropical rain forest in Leuser National Park and culture of multiple ethnic group in North & West Sumatra

8 Days Jungle & Local Experienced in North Sumatra Tour

We will fetch you and there is a city tour of Medan visiting Sultan Maimoon Palace, Grand Mosque, Chinese temple and remaining Dutch colonial building

5 Days Nias Island Tour

We will fetch you and depart to Bukit Lawang the observation point of the Orangutans located in Gunung Leuser National Park

20 Days Sumatra Overland Tour

A long trip throughout Sumatra island with memorable experiences of visiting tropical rain forest, remaining history and culture of countless tribe in Sumatra