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About Us

ANda Sumatra Tour & Travel ANda Sumatra Tour & Travel was established in 2015 by James Jumakir, who worked previously as a Tour Operation Manager specialized for European and American guests. Since November 2015, James Jumakir and his wife with their capable and experience best friends build new company named ANda Sumatra tour & Travel. The concept of this travel agent is to handle guests with special interests.


License: 503/421/SK/TDUP.BR/BPW/MTB/2015

James Jumakir
Sampali was a village where I was born in 1976. It’s located surrounding tobacco plantations (former Deli Maatchappij, a huge tobacco plantation during the Dutch era). I started work with Tri Jaya Travel in September 1995, few months after I finished a high school. Here I have been trained by a great lady Mrs. Diana Pardamean (owner and former Dutch speaking guide) and her husband Mr. Dirk A Buiskool, a kind man and a Dutch historian. After 15 years, I moved to Narasindo Tour & Travel since September 2011 until October 2015. In both companies mostly I handled European and American guests specializing with tailor-made tour. Starts November 2015 I start to developed ANda Sumatra Tour & Travel. ANda is nick names of my daughters, A is Afa and Nda is Nanda. ANda is also a polite Indonesian word means ‘you”.

+62 853 7072 0018 (mobile & whatsapp)


I Came to ANda Sumatra on December 2017 after long years in travel industry. Graduated from Tourism Management in 2000 and have experienced at 3 different local travel agents since 1996. I mostly handled tour & hotels arrangement of Inbound and Outbound for Asian market. I join with ANda Sumatra to upgrade our services into more qualified. My motto “ Do best for all guests”.

Contacts: +62 878 6979 7955 (mobile)
+62 821 6215 6892 (whatsapp)