Maimun Palace Medan and Uniqueness of The Building |
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Maimun Palace Medan and Uniqueness of The Building

Maimun Palace Medan and Uniqueness of The Building

Maimun Palace Medan and Uniqueness of The Building

Talking about the city of Medan then it automatically will discuss the building of this one, you could say this building is an icon of the city of Medan, called Maimun Palace. Being Mmedan City civic pride and a must to visit when you come to the city of Medan. Location Maimun Palace is located in the city center, on the road Brig Katamso, Talbot Village, District Medan.

Maimun Palace building has an area of ​​approximately 2,772 m2, where each form of the building is decorated with a yellow color that reflects the culture of the Malays. Maimonides palace is a relic of the royal Deli, where as the founders are SultanMaimun Al Rashid Perkasa Alam who is a descendant of the king’s 9th Deli Sultanate. Maimonides palace construction was done on August 26, 1888 and began inaugurated on May 18, 1981.

The position of the building faces towards the east, where there are two floors with three sections: the main building, left wing and right wing. Not far from the palace Maimoon within 100 meters, there are also buildings into tourist attractions as well worship for Muslims yaiut Masjid Al-infallible or most known as the Great Mosque of Medan. Both buildings are established in the kingdom of Deli.

Maimun Palace is one of many the most beautiful castles in Indonesia. The uniqueness of this palace are in the form of architecture which there are various types of cultural elements combined, ranging from Malay cultures, Islamic style, Spain, India, and Italy. It also became an important point that these attractions into a lot of visitors who are curious about the results of a mix of various countries on the building.

For that reflects the culture of Europe can be seen from the shape of ornaments lamps, chairs, tables, cabinets, windows, and doors dotong. Door most dominated by the style of Spain, also there are door and window width and height that has a pattern of Dutch architecture. There is also a marble inscription that is located in front of the stairs roman letters in Dutch. As for the Islamic styles found on the roof shaped like an upturned boat curved to the shape of the curvature of such buildings in the Middle East region.

In the living room you can see the royal throne dominated by yellow color reflects the Malay culture. This room is spacious 412 m2 where in was used as a place of coronation of Sultan Deli as well as other royal events. In this place, the Sultan used to receive family visits that come on Islamic holidays.

Maimun Palace Medan and Uniqueness

Luxury interior and the shape of the building of the Palace of Maimonides is the contribution of the Royal Deli in 2 centuries ago, because in ancient times this kingdom managing the plantations, oil, and spices that can be said to be the kingdom of Deli very prosperous that can be seen from the heritage buildings established at that time.

For the visitors can enter the sights Maimun Palace every day from 8 am to 5 pm with an entrance fee charged for children of IDR3.000, – and adults by IDR5.000, –

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