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15 Days Bali Komodo Liveaboard Trip

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15 Days Bali Komodo Liveaboard Trip


Day 01: IN – Jimbaran
Upon arrival in Bali, transfer to your private villa on the beach of Seminyak. The coming days are at leisure. Your car is on standby.
Overnight at The Ayana Resort & Spa (One-Bedroom Ocean Front Cliff Villa)

Day 02: Jimbaran (B)
At leisure. Your car is on standby. Overnight at The Ayana Resort & Spa (One-Bedroom Ocean Front Cliff Villa)

Day 03: Jimbaran – Benoa Harbour – Lombok (B,L,D)
Early morning transfer to Bali’s bustling port, Benoa Harbor, where we are met by the staff and cruise director of Adelaar. We are escorted onboard for our first glimpse of this magnificently restored vessel, while our luggage is being transported to our staterooms. There is a chance to have a look around as the crew prepare for disembarkation from port. Once underway and cruising out of the harbor, a light lunch will be served in the dining room. The cruise director takes this opportunity to introduce the crew and begin the safety briefing. During the short orientation we become familiar with the ship and learn invaluable hints on shipboard living, as well as safety and emergency procedures. We begin our 250 nautical mile voyage through the islands of the Nusa Tenggara chain. Today’s course is along the eastern coastline of Bali, with its breathtaking views of Mount Agung, Bali’s tallest peak. There is ample time for unpacking or relaxing on deck as we sail up the coastline of Bali. On this journey, we look forward to exploring hidden coves and inlets normally frequented only by a few local people. This will be an adventure with many opportunities to view wildlife, meet indigenous people, and glimpse the wonders of a world under the sea. From the shaded deck seating area, we can watch the sunset as it settles over Bali’s highest mountain, Mount Agung. Dinner will be served in the main dining room just after sunset, and will be followed by a briefing from the cruise director about the next day’s activities. We sail through the night to Satonda Island.

Overnight on board

Day 04: Satonda (B,L,D)
Depending on the sea conditions, we arrive in Satonda Island around mid morning. Satonda is a small uninhabited volcanic island sitting just off the coast of Sumbawa Besar. Once anchored, we will go by dinghy to shore and take a short hike up to view the enormous salt water lake that fills the crater of this volcanic island. The local legend is that the crater was filled by a tsunami, which formed when Mount Tambora erupted in the early 1900’s. A massive explosion, that was heard all the way to Jakarta, and caused the ‘year of darkness’ in the archipelago resulting in thousands of deaths.
Along the shores of the lake the branches of the trees are filled with ‘wishing stones’. Tied on by guests visiting the island, who are bound to return should their wish come true.
There will be time for snorkeling in the crescent bay in the afternoon. The island is also home for a large colony of fruit bats, sometimes visible hanging in masses from trees along the shore. As we depart the island we are able to see the bats silhouetted against the sunset, as they take flight for the evening. Dinner will be onboard as we sail through the night to Banta, an island north of Komodo, just outside the Komodo National park.
Overnight on board

Day 05: Gili Banta – Gili Lawa Laut – Gili Lawa Darat (B,L,D)
We will arrive in Gili Banta mid morning, and take time before lunch to snorkel and wander along the beach. As lunch is served, we will pull up anchor and head toward the northern tip of Komodo to Gili Lawa Laut. We go ashore by dinghy to spend a few hours exploring this small uninhabited island. A short walk to the top of the hill will be well worth it! Looking south as far as you can see lies the remote and primitive islands which make up the Komodo Archipelago. On a clear day you can see all the way to Flores!
There is time to enjoy swimming or snorkeling after the hike. We will overnight in a quiet bay in the area.
Overnight on board

Day 06: Gili Lawa Darat – Rinca (B,L,D)
For early risers wishing to catch the first glimpse of the sunrise, there is a hike planned to the top of the ridge on Gili Lawa Darat, departing just before dawn. Those wishing to sleep-in can watch the sunrise from the comfort of the deck, with a hot cup of coffee in hand. After breakfast we will snorkel the channel and try to catch a glimpse of the dugongs which have been sighted here in the past. We make our way towards Rinca after lunch perhaps stopping along the way for snorkeling. The entry into Rinca’s Crocodile Bay is through a narrow channel with towering peaks on each side. An incredibly picturesque bay, protected on all sides and thankfully has no crocodiles! We will anchor here for the night.
Overnight on board

Day 07: Rinca – Padar (B,L,D)
Early this morning we set out with park rangers from Loh Buaya on a nature walk to explore one of the two preserved habitats of the world’s largest lizard – the Komodo dragon. Weighing up to 350 pounds and with a total length of over 10 feet, these fearsome hunters charge swiftly to bring down a variety of herbivores including Barking Deer, Feral Pigs, and even wild horses. Their saliva is extremely poisonous: if their bite does not bring an animal down immediately, the prey will later succumb to fatal infection. The islands which make up the Komodo National Park feature the exquisite Lontar Palm, often covered in bright pink Vanda Orchids, which sprout epiphytically along the trunks of the trees. The park is located in the region known as Wallacea, denoting the overlapping of Australian and Asian bio-geographical areas. This overlapping ensures an interesting mix of bird species including Sulphur-crested Cockatoos of Australian origin, and Monarch Flycatchers and Kingfishers originating from Southeast Asia. The Maleo Bird may also be seen: this species lays its eggs in piles of rotting leaves to utilize the heat of composting for incubation.
After the hike, we make our way to Padar. We will spend the afternoon here exploring the beaches of this uninhabited island which sits between Komodo and Rinca. There is ample time for snorkeling in the one of the bays. We will anchor here for the night in a protected bay. Overnight on board

Day 08: Padar – Komodo (B,L,D)
We leave our anchorage at breakfast, and make our way through the protected waters of the Komodo National Park to the famous island of Komodo. Destination will be Pantai Merah Kecil, or ‘little red beach’, where we will spend the day. This small shallow bay is home to a spectacular variety of reef fish and corals, and is a fantastic snorkel sight. After an afternoon of snorkeling, there is time for a walk on the beautiful pink sand beach before returning to the ship. We are often visited by the local villagers in their handmade wooden boats. They offer a variety of wares for sale…anything from pearl necklaces to hand carved dragons, assorted wooden masks and other trinkets. Something for everyone and bargaining is expected! We will anchor in a quiet bay for the night.
Overnight on board

Day 09: Komodo – Banta (B,L,D)
We arise early this morning and move into Komodo Bay where we disembark at Loh Liang for a ranger guided walk on Komodo Island. We will have a second chance to seek out those elusive Komodo Dragons, and learn of their amazing story of survival. Individual Komodo Dragons live over 60 years, but the species has been around for 10 million years. We learn of their mating, which takes place in June or July, and of their nests which harbor clutches of up to 30 eggs. The hatchlings climb into the trees and hunt insects, rodents, and small birds. As they grow, their hunting skills become more refined, and their prey larger. By two years of age, the young dragons are easily able to bring down a small deer. This hike is much less rigorous than the Rinca hike, and the ranger makes frequent stops along the way to point out and identify trees and plants. Once back at the ranger station there is another opportunity to buy local wares from the souvenir stands set up along the path back to the wharf. Again, bargaining is expected, and the price gets lower the closer you get to the dinghy! Returning to the boat for lunch, we begin our travel back towards Bali. We leave the park area behind and head to the north-west coastline of Banta Island for snorkeling. We will anchor for the night in a protected bay.
Overnight on board

Day 10: Banta – Sangeang (B,L,D)
We depart Banta Island very early this morning and travel west to Sangeang Island, which is also a volcanic peak with eruptions as recent as a few years ago. The black sand bottom of the snorkel sight here makes for dramatic contrasts between colorful coral and black sand. We will make a stop at ‘Black Forest’ a popular dive site, for snorkeling along the partially submerged rocks close to shore. The gaseous bubbles arising up from the black sand to the surface give this sight the appropriate nickname of ‘bubbles’. The crew will prepare the Adelaar for sailing this afternoon, removing the sail covers in readiness for the afternoon sails. We depart Sangeang in full sail and head west to Moyo Island. We travel through the night.
Overnight on board

Day 11: Moyo (B,L,D)
Once we arrive in Moyo, we board the dinghies for a short trip to shore. We enter the village of Sebotok, and take a scenic walk, down a path between two copra villages. Our visit with the local people will allow an intimate glimpse of village life. Walking along the waterfront path we normally catch the attention of the local children. They come running to greet us with lots of smiles and laughter and sometimes accompany us as we walk to the next village, where Adelaar is waiting for us. A little coaxing can usually get them to sing a song or two, with some directing help from one of the village elders. Along the way, we can observe hundreds of giant fruit bats in the trees overhead. We return to the ship and depart for Lombok traveling through the night.
Overnight on board

Day 12: Lombok (B,L,D)
We enjoy an early breakfast on deck as the sun rises over Lombok. Then we board the dinghy for a short transfer to Senggigi Beach, where our local guide will meet us. We will travel by air conditioned bus to view Lombok’s scenic interior. Along the way we pass lush green rice paddies and watch the local color go by. We will make a stop at a pottery village, where you have a chance to view the traditional methods used to produce the famous Lombok pots. We will travel to Pringasella, where traditional weaving is done; we watch as intricate patterns are woven into their cloth. From here we will travel to Tetebatu, a picturesque village at the base of Mount Rinjani, where we will have lunch and walk through lush green terraced rice fields and the surrounding forests. On the return trip to Senggigi, we make one last stop at an artist village, where an interesting collection of Lombok handicrafts is sold. Returning to the ship in time for sunset, we have our farewell dinner aboard the ADELAAR as we sail into the night towards Bali. Overnight on board
Note: if the seas are rough and we are delayed, there is an option to stop on Lombok’s east coast and begin our trans-island tour from the east coast to the west coast of Lombok. Adelaar and crew will travel around and meet the guests on the other side of the island for pickup in the late afternoon. Itinerary could vary.

Day 13: Benoa harbour – Seminyak (B)
After sailing through the night, we arrive in Bali’s port of Benoa early this morning. After breakfast, we say goodbye to Captain and crew and depart the ship leaving our ‘sea legs’ behind. Then we head back to cosmopolitan Seminyak for two more days of relaxation and enjoyment. Overnight at The Samaya (One-Bedroom Royal Pavillion)

Day 14: Seminyak(B)
At leisure. Your car is on standby. Overnight at The Samaya (One-Bedroom Royal Pavillion)

Day 15: Seminyak – OUT (B)


  • fast track VIP visa service upon arrival
  • air-conditioned limousine on Bali
  • accommodation + daily breakfast
  • full board use of the Adelaar during cruise Day 3-12: fully crewed boat with western PADI dive

instructor/manager, all meals, snacks, water, coffee, tea  & soft drinks, ship to shore transportation, all dives, weights, tanks and weight belts, all harbor clearances


  • international and domestic airport tax
  • on board the Adelaar: beer, wine or alcoholic beverages, laundry, land transfers or land programs,satellite phone or fax charges, dive gear/dive light rentals, or customary tips to the crew, Komodo National Park entry fee
  • porters
  • personal expenses
  • tips guides/drivers etc.