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20 Days Sumatra Overland Tour

Day 1 Kuala Namu International Airport – Medan / 1 hrs drive
Arrive at the Kuala Namu International airport with flight,,, at,,,
We will fetch you and transfer to Medan for overnight stay.
The Ayaduta hotel (deluxe) or similar

Day 2 Medan – Tangkahan (Gunung Leuser National Park) / 4 hrs drive
After breakfast there is a city tour of Medan visiting Merdeka square, as  a central of Medan city where you can see old Dutch architecture buildings; Town Hall, Former Java’s Bank, Post Office, Train Station and other remaining old buildings surroundings. Next visit is Masjid Raya or the Great Mosque built in 1906 by the first sultan and still considered as one the most beautiful mosques in the country.
Note: Visit Grand Mosque will be not possible during praying time and appropriate dress code is required
Not too far from there continue with a visit of Maimoon Sultan Palace built in 1888 by the Sultan of Deli (the former name of Medan). This beautiful palace is combining traditional elements of Malay, Islam as well as Spanish and Indian, architectural elements. The palace is until present day inhabited by the Sultan who remain a symbolic figure for the Malay community.
After that depart to Tangkahan, the Elephant lodge which takes around 3,5 – 4 hours. You drive through the landscape view of plantations and villages. Available stop at Bamboo handicrafts and tapioca chips local homes industry. Arrive in Tangkahan, you cross the Batang River by suspension bridge then 15 minutes walk to get in to your lodge. Take a rest at your lodge.

– Elephants are not available on Friday
– Accommodations in Tangkahan are basic, built with simple materials to keep in harmony with nature. Less power of electricity mostly at night as some run by own generator. Room is equipped with mosquito net and has own bathroom which comes with shower with cold water (no hot water).
Jungle Lodge (simple standard) or similar

Day 3 Elephants (Elephants)
In the morning you visit the Elephant camp where you can see them while bathing in the river. If you wish you can do an Elephant gazing, here you will graze the Elephants into the National Park. (Please be noted Elephant grazing is optional; means you have to arrange and pay on the spot yourself. Or you can book in advance through us with additional cost separately).
The rest is free program in Tangkahan, you take the opportunity to walk along the bank of Buluh River to see thousand beautiful butterflies by the river. Visit and take a bath at the small waterfall in the rainforest also one of memorable activity in this site.
Jungle Lodge (simple standard) or similar

Day 4 Tangkahan – Bukit Lawang / Orangutans Jungle Trekking (2,5 – 3 hrs drive)
After breakfast, you will be fetch by a local jeep in the other side for your off-road trip to Bukit Lawang (approximately 2h to 2 hours 30 minutes) passing through plantations with mountain landscapes at the horizon. You may stop on the way where you can have beautiful sceneries of river which cross through plantations. Sometimes you will find long tail macaque plays on the river side.
Before arriving in Bukit Lawang a short stop to stretch our legs and enjoy a fresh coconut drink. Arrive in Bukit Lawang and check in to your hotel.
In the afternoon, cross the bridge and be picked by a becak for a visit to the Timbang Lawang village. The motorized sidecar will lead from the local village to visit a rice flour making factory, try home-made tofu or take away some fresh palm sugar – all produced in local homes. Return to lodge for overnight.
Ecolodge Bukit Lawang Cottages or similar

Day 5 Orangutans Jungle Trekking
After breakfast, our professional team will meet you and give short briefing before we get into the National Park. Start for an experienced 6 hrs trekking in this primary Sumatra rainforest. Steep, slopes and dense vegetation will bring you to the excitement of the jungle. Here you have the opportunity to see several species of indigenous flora and fauna. Semi or wild Sumatran Orangutans might cross your way. Picnic lunch would be served in the jungle. Last trek would be at the river banks, here the captain (the man in charge to steer the tubes) already prepares all the necessary equipments for this activity such as big inner tubes combined into one. Although the current is not very strong but life jackets and helmets are available for safety. Floating on rubber tubes is very convenient. The clean river that flows through Bohorok river offering scenic view of the jungle and village until you arrive in the front of your lodge. Take a rest and overnight after long activity.
Ecolodge Bukit Lawang Cottages or similar

Day 6 Bukit Lawang – Brastagi / 4,5
Today you drive to Brastagi, a mountain resort with its refreshing weather and magnificent mountain scenery which has an abundance of flowers, vegetables and fruits (most famous of which is the “Marquise” passion fruit). The village lies at about 1300 m altitude and is surrounded by the two volcanoes Sinabung (2417 m) and Sibayak (2172 m). Here you can visit the famous fruits market with a walk in the local fruit market which is swarming with activity and scenes from traditional Karo life and also enjoy the views of two active volcanoes, Sinabung and Sibayak.
Kalang Ulu (superior) or similar in Brastagi

Day 7 Brastagi (volcano & local villages)
Optional; Sibayak volcano climbing
Rise early to begin your short climb to the Sibayak volcano. With over 120 active volcanoes fuming around Indonesia, Gunung Sibayak at 2,212 metres in Northern Sumatra is one of Indonesia’s best accessible mountains and amongst the top volcanoes in terms of effort to enjoyment ratio. Situated above the friendly hill town of Brastagi. The volcano’s crater lies just around 1,5 hours walk from the nearest road and can therefore be explored by anyone in reasonably good shape. The summit of Mt. Sibayak provides excellent views of Berastagi and the surrounding countryside, including the neighbouring Mt. Sinabung, which is frequently erupting since 2010 after lying dormant for 400 years.
Although Mt. Sibayak has been quiet for the last century, new steam vents and seismic activity indicate that the volcano is merely only taking a break. Geothermal activity is high on and around the volcano and offers a very unique experience for visitors with many fumaroles near the crater lake, the sound they make as jets of hot gas and steam shoot out is tremendously eerie and can get as loud as a starting jet plane engine.  Take your time to let this bizarre moonscape scenery sink in before you begin your moderate descend back to the car.
After that you can do excursions in Brastagi to visit is to a replica of the Shwedagon Pagoda which is officially titled Shwedagon Zedi Daw, and also known as the Great Dagon Pagoda or the Golden Pagoda. The pagoda is 46.8 metres high and is constructed mostly of components that came from Myanmar. Afterwards drive to Lingga Village to get a glimpse into the way of life of the Karo Batak Tribe and their typical adat houses. These houses have an open floor plan in which eight related families, each with their own hearth, live together under a single upswept or rectangular roof of ijuk thatch. A  few houses are reputed to be hundreds of years old but are becoming dilapidated as it is now more difficult to build new adat house due to the increased cost of timber and manpower.
Return to hotel for overnight stay.
Kalang Ulu (superior) or similar in Brastagi

Day 8 Brastagi – Samosir island / 3,5 hrs drive + 1 hr ferry
After breakfast you depart to Samosir island with stop at Dokan, a traditional Batak’s Karo village. Next stop is Sipiso-piso waterfall. During the trip you will also pass local spices garden: coffee, cinnamon, clove etc.  In the afternoon you arrive at the harbors (Tigaras or parapat) from where you cross the lake by ferry to Samosir island, car and driver goes with you by ferry. Arrive on the harbor on the island of Samosir, we continue drive to your hotel for overnight.
Tabo Cottages (deluxe) or similar on Samosir island

Day 9 Samosir island (local villages)
Today you will make excursion to explore the beauty and cultural aspects of Batak visiting Ambarita village to see the stone chairs, tables and court yard of Siallagan’s clan. Simanindo to see the museum of the Batak’s tribe and Tomok village to see the old tomb of King’s Sidabutar.
The rest is free day at leisure
Tabo Cottages (deluxe) or similar on Samosir island

Day 10 Samosir island (hotsprings & villages)
Today you can do an excursion to Sianjur Mula Mula valley where you can see beautiful views of local villages in the valley and lake Toba from Pusuk Buhit, the highest place to views lake Toba. In the valley of Sianjur Mula Mula, you can still find some Batak’s traditional house surrounding rice fields. Here you can also find rock statues of animism site of the Batak’s people on the past. If available you can visit a small highest village on the hill, named Huta Ginjang village. Here you can see almost full views of lake Toba and Samosir island. On this day you have more times to interacted with locals. If available you can also join with their activities in the village; during growing or harvest season of shallots (prime commodity of this village)
Return to hotel for taking relax after long excursion on this day.
Tabo Cottages (deluxe) or similar on Samosir island

Day 11 Samosir – Padang Sidempuan / 6 hrs drive + 1 hr ferry
Early wake-up call and breakfast before check out and transfer to nearby Tomok for boarding the local ferry from Samosir Island and Parapat (estimated departure time at 07:00 – subject to change)
From Parapat you continue by car to Padang Sidempuan.
Along the way you make a stop at a pineapple plantation, stroll through the traditional market in Balige where you can walk around the daily local market and see all local products and maybe buy some snacks for on the road. You will also stop at Mehat, another Batak’s village in the beautiful valley at the lake side. Here you can still find local women weave their own dress with traditional way in their home.
Next stop is Sipaholon hot spring, a famous hot spring which removable heat from Mount Martimbang located 3 km from the city center Tarutung. Here we can see directly a pair of hot springs. We can see directly how the hot water flows out of the ground. Continue drive until we reach Padang Sidempuan, the small capital of the Batak Mandheling regency.
Mega Permata hotel (superior)

Day 12 Padang Sidempuan – Bukittinggi / 8 hrs drive
Early morning you start drive to Bukittinggi at West Sumatra. Drive passing through the winding roads of the Bukit Barisan Mountain range offering beautiful scenery of mountains, rivers, valleys and traditional villages. We make a stop at Sihepeng, a small botanical garden where you can learn about all kind of spices like pepper, saffron, lemon grass, nutmeg, bay leaf. Stop at Purba Baru where you can see the Musthafawiyah Islamic school, one of the oldest and largest boarding schools in Sumatra founded in 1912. Depart from Kotanopan and enter the province of West Sumatra and you will notice that the landscape is now changing into tropical rain forest. We take time to make a short 30-minute walk in the beautiful natural environment while stopping at the RimbaPanti Nature reserve. From here drive takes you to Bonjol where you will pass the Equator and where a monument marks the imaginary Equator line. Urban legend says that crossing the line backwards will bring good luck, so give it a try.
Arrive in the early evening in Bukittinggi for 2 overnight stays.
Hotel Santika (superior) or similar

Day 13 Bukittinggi tour – excursions to Harau and local villages
Today you will make a tour in Bukittinggi surroundings.
Visit Payakumbuh famous with huge rock formations of Harau valley. Then drive to Batusangkar with a stop at TabekPatah. Drive to the nearby local village of Rao Rao known for its beautiful traditional Minangkabau houses, locally known as RumahGadang . Next stop will be at Pagaruyung Palace located in the village of TanjungEmas near Batusangkar: The palace is a replica of the original Pagaruyung royal palace which was set on fire by the nation’s Dutch colonists in 1804 and it has only recently been entirely restored using traditional materials with its 3 storeys and its 5 stacked sweeping roofs ending with eleven sharp horns and covered with over 26 tons of palm fibers. Pagarayung is the most beautiful example of the Traditional Minangkabau Architecture. Pagaruyung is the name of the Minangkabau kingdom that ruled the central region of Sumatra and was the seat of a large kingdom where the Minangkabau culture flourished. Return to Bukittinggi passing by the picturesque Lake Singkarak and stop at Pandai Sikat, a village famous with its “Songket“ hand woven cloth and wood carving.
Return to Bukittinggi and if time is available, you can do a city tour of Bukittinggi for overnight stay.
Hotel Santika (superior) or similar

Day 14 Bukittinggi city tour and excursions to Maninjau lake
After breakfast you leave to Puncak Lawang, located on the hills with great views over Maninjau Lake. Here you do short and soft trekking down to the lake. The trek goes down through the forest towards the mysterious Lake Maninjau. During the trek you will stop at the local coffee shop to rest while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Upon arrival in the lake side village you will be picked up by the car.
Return to Bukittinggi for exploring and its surroundings. The main town sites will be seen on foot, as Bukittinggi is very small and everything is located close together, with a car nearby to take you to the further locations. You will visit the impressive Sianok Canyon which is known for its network of underground bunkers and tunnels built by the Japanese during World War II. There is a two-story observation tower that overlooks the Sianok Canyon, which you may climb to the top for panoramic views of the area.
We advise to skip Japanese tunnel due to security reason
You will also see Fort De Kock, built by the Dutch during the Padri Wars. Although little remains of the original fortifications, it provides fine views over the town from its hilltop position.
In town, you see the town’s large clock tower ‘Jam Gadang’ and walk around the Pasar Atas Market. The market is open daily but on Wednesdays and Saturdays it is especially busy with people coming from neighboring villages to buy and sell their wares.
Overnight at the hotel in Bukittinggi
Hotel Santika (superior) or similar

Day 15 Bukittinggi – Sawahlunto (history of mining town) / 3 hrs drive
After breakfast you depart to Sawahlunto, one of a mining town in West Sumatra. This is an interesting miningtown which has many old buildings from before the war. The coal mining is also still in operation.
Here you visit Museum Goedang Ransoem, Lubang Tambang Mbah Suro( Mining Hole of Mbah Suro), Train Museum, Old Steam Locomotive serie E 1060 (Mak Itam) and the former mansion of Pek Sin Kek (the rich Chinese man during the Dutch time) and the old Church Santa Lucia. Tour by locomotive train if available (optional)
Overnight stay in hotel Ombilin (deluxe room) / simple.

Day 16   Sawahlunto – Kersik Tuo (Kerinci National Park) / 6-7 hrs drive
Today you drive to Kersik Tuo. Impressive route via Solok and along the twin lake Diatas and lake Dibawah. On the way you will also stop at Talun Barasap waterfall. Arrive in Kersik Tuo and overnight stay in a simple accomodation in Kersik Tuo in the famous Kerinci nature reserve.
3 overnight stays in Subandy Homestay (simple) in Kersik Tuo.

Acomodation in Kersik Tuo is basic, situated at the opposite of huge tea plantation. The room is quite small and bathroom comes with a basin of cold water. No restaurant facility but the owner can provide meals usually rice plus dishes and noodle soup.

Day 17 & 18 Kersik Tuo (trekking mount 7 or lake Kerinci)
Kertinci National Park is famous with its Lake Mount seven and mount Kerinci. Lake Giunung Tujuh is a 4 km square mysterious lake which located on 1.995 m above sea level and surrounding primary rain forest and 7 hills. This area is known as the habitat of Sumatran Tigers, Sumatran Elephants, Primates and endemic birds of Sumatra as well.
During these 2 days you can make trekking activities in the Kerinci National Park. Options program on these days are:
– Trekking to the lake and mount Seven
– Trekking and climbing to the mount Kerinci (should be overnight on the top of mount Kerinci)The above activities could be arranged directly to Mr. Subandy, an experienced local guide and owner of Subandy homestay.

Day 19 Kersik Tuo – Padang / 6-7 hrs drive
In the morning is free program until you drive back to Padang through the same route of lake Diatas and lake Dibawah. In the afternoon arrive in Padang and overnight.
Truntum hotel (superior) or similar

Day 20 Padang – transfer to airport
Today you will be transferred to the airport of Padang for catch your flight to next destination. End of your trip through us.

Price ??

Hotels as mentioned above + breaksfast
AC transport as mentioned in the program + fuel & driver
English speaking guide
Entrance & parking fees as mentioned in the program
National Park Permit in Tangkahan and Bukit Lawang
Elephant bathing in Tangkahan
Fullday jungle trekking in Bukit Lawang
Public ferry to Samosir island vice versa

Flight tickets and airport tax
Personal expenses; meals (lunches & dinners), drinks, donations, laundry, souvenirs, etc.
Tips for guide/driver
Travel insurance
Any optional program
• Elephant grazing in Tangkahan
• Sibayak volcano climbing in Brastagi
• Trekking / climbing (activities) in Kerinci National Park