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“Hi James,

Glad to visit Sumatra accompanied for your driver, Willy, to whom we appreciate a lot. He helped us in our hole tour of 5 days watching elephants, orangutans and resting in Toba Lake.
Thanks also to you, James, for helping us in everything that was in your hand.
We are very thakful for your services and your profesionalism.

Juanjo and Inma”


If you want, here you have the comment in Spanish:

“Hola James, Estamos muy contentos de haber visitado Sumatra acompañados por el conductor de tu empresa, Willy, a quien apreciamos mucho. Nos ayudó en nuestra excursión de 5 días viendo elefantes, orangutanes y descansando en Toba Lake. Gracias también a ti, James, por ayudarnos en todo lo que estuvo de tu mano. Estamos muy contentos por los servicios de Andasumatra y su profesionalismo. Juanjo y Inma”.

Kind regards,
Inma García Seligrat
November 2016

Dear James

A big thanks first of all.

We enjoyed two days at Bukit Lawang National Park.

It was a perfect service at all from Anda Sumatra. Very uncomplicated, I just had to write a mail to them and within 10min I got my offer. It was not just an offer, they also gave me a lot of helpful advises to be well prepared and as well to get the best sights into the region in just three days.

It’s not easy to find well-speaking English-guys up in Sumatra, so we were pleased to met James. He’s a very competent and cooperative.

Everything gone well. They took us up from our hotel in Medan and brought us to Bukit Lawang. It was a very nice location in the middle of the jungle. Very clean and peaceful. Everybody was very friendly and told us a lot of the culture up there. After lunch we had a really nice tour trough the jungle. Our guide was as well a good English speaking mate, so it was a pleasure to got a lot information about the interesting things in there. Plants, like cocoa and rubber and of course the anmials. We saw a lot of the nicest creatures on earth the Orang Utans. As well a lot of other monkeys and interesting birds. We were really lucky to had our own guide, so we had the chance to see the jungle by ourselves and to learn about it more than expected.

It was just a great service at all. They keep their word and look after you.

Thanks to all of the Anda Sumatra Team.
We’ll come back – see you soon!
Kind regards
August 2017

Salam, Yusof

My friends and myself would like to thank you for the excellent arrangement you have made
for our Padang and Bukittinggi trip.We enjoy the trip especially to bukittinggi and visit to istana
pagar ruyung.Our thanks also goes to Pak Adi for his excellent work .Thank you and may god bless you
and your family.


yahya Cheman
May 2016

hi james

finaly back in switzerland. it was an amazing time in sumatra… deslim showed us very cool things and we had an very cool time with him. it feels like home and family with deslim! thank you so much for sending this amazing person to our trip!!!

June 2016

Hi James!

Glad to visit Indonesia and very lucky to find Mr James in my way. We together planned my trips around the country, and I could find out a marvelous Indonesia and also marvelous people there.

I feel very thankful for your services and your profesionalism !!



January 2016

Dear Bang James,

Greeting from Jakarta…
I would like to say thank you for the great trip, the tour guide and the driver they were amazing start to finish. They were to accommodating and knowledgeable while still being fun to be around.
When we walked around at night, the tour guide still following and guiding us even it’s not on his schedule to accompany us.

Overall i did enjoy the trip, i would recommend to anyone who ask. Samosir Island is really beautiful, the food is great..

January 2016

From: Mat radzi Firdaus [] Sent: Monday, December 14, 2015 10:53 PM
Subject: Trip Jakarta Bandung 4D3N Was Awesome

Dear Yusuf,

It is a pleasure for us, group from Malaysia to deal with your company. From the guide, transportation, hotel and foods, its too perfect. All of my group were very happy with the service that you give to us. I hope, we can work together in future. Thank You.
Group Jakarta Bandung 2015


Op de ze manier  wil ik James van Anda  Sumatra tours en travel heel hartelijk bedanken voor de mooie
rondreis die hij voor ons in elkaar heeft gezet.  In September en Oktober.
Sumatra, Java- Bali overland, rondreis door Bali en een rondreis over Lombok.
Wij hebben hem door gegeven wat we graag zouden willen zien en doen. Hij heeft  toen een programma in
elkaar gezet. We konden wegstrepen en bijvoegen wat we wilden.
Zo kwam er een tour tot stand die naar onze wensen was.  Er zaten veel excursies bij, die we nog niet
gedaan hadden . Ondanks dat we al meerdere malen in Indonesië zijn geweest..
Ook hadden we de keus in sommige plaatsen welk hotel.
De tour is heel goed gegaan. De chauffeurs waren aardig en behulpzaam. Ook op Bali en Lombok waren de
Hollands sprekende gidsen aardig, behulpzaam  en  ze begrepen ons en wij hun.
Het fijne van zo een rondreis is dat je ook wat dichter bij de bevolking komt., dan bij een kant en klaar
georganiseerde reis.
Nogmaals heel hartelijk bedankt voor je werk om deze reis voor ons onvergetelijk te maken.

Hr. en Mevr. Levert
November 2015

Dear Mr. James,

Thank you for helping organize our trips to Brastagi and Bukit Lawang, below follows a few comments on the excursions.

Our daytrip from Medan was smoothly organized by Mr. James. We were picked up at our hotel by a driver who took us to meet our local guide in Brastagi. As the guide talked to us about the mountain and greater area, we slowly ascended on Sibayak volcano. He had great knowledge and was happy to answer our questions. After reaching the peak we went down into the valley and had a dip in the hot springs at the foot of Sibayak. A truly lovely walk and fairly easy. After this our driver took us to a viewpoint overlooking the Sinabung volcano. As we watched it from safe distance it erupted! Truly a memorable moment.

Bukit Lawang
Our daytrip from Medan started with a driver and Mr. James meeting us at our hotel. After this we started a rather long and jumpy journey through Medan, Binjai and vast plantations of oil palms. The roads are in very bad condition, so it takes a while to get there, even if the distance isn’t far. Once in Bukit Lawang our local guide met us and we started our trek into the jungle. After only a few minutes a group of Gibbon appeared. Shortly after that, we saw our first orangutang, a female with a baby. Our guide was very knowledgable and explained the park and the monkeys living there. Meeting the orangutangs of Bukit Lawang, as well as all the other animals is a memory for life. After the three hour trek we took a dip in the river. Truly refreshing after sweating in the jungle! I would recommend everyone who visits North Sumatra to visit Bukit Lawang, but maybe consider spending the night as the journey there and back is tiresome, and the village so beautiful.

I hope my comments can help you in your work!


Best regards,
Johan Norling, Stockholm Sweden

November 2015

Dear James,

It was very nice meeting you in Medan, we had a great time there! We loved both tours that you organized for us, everything worked great and we will be happy to recommend ANda Sumatra to our friends and family.

Below, I compiled a detailed review of our impressions of our trips:

Bukit Lawang tour:
We left Medan Saturday morning around 9am and drove up to Bukit Lawang. After a very comfortable ride, we arrived app. 3 hours later at the Inn, where we had some a coffee and met our guides Suriya and Ayub, who explained the trek. Afterwards, they took us to the jungle to see the Orang Utans. The trek is fairly easy with a few steeper climbs. It was an amazing experience: the jungle at Bukit Lawang  has abundant wildlife, during a 2.5 hour hike, we had several face-to-face encounters with Orang Utans, as well as countless  Macaques and Langurs. After a beer at the Inn, where we met with our driver, we arrived back at Medan around 8.30pm.

This is a perfect trip to do for one day if you are staying in Medan.

Lake Toba / Berastagi tour:
We left Medan around 9pm and first drove to Sipisopiso waterfall. The view of the waterfall and lake Toba is spectacular. The climb down and back up took me a little more than an hour, but it was totally worth it. Afterwards, we drove back to Berastagi where we had some great Indonesian food for lunch at a very nice restaurant that our driver recommended (please see attached picture). From there we continued to the Batak village and visited one of the traditional houses; with the help of our driver, we were even able to speak with the people there, which was very interesting. Our next stop was Gundaling Hill, which offers a great view of Berastagi town and Gunung Sinabung (the other volcanoes were covered in clouds when we got there). On our way back to Medan, we skipped the fruit market and the buddhist temple and instead spent some more time at the hot springs. We returned to Medan around 8 pm.

Very nice trip for one day.
Highlands offer spectacular views of the volcanoes and the surrounding landscape.
The traditional Batak house was particuarly interesting, visitors should bring 10000 IDR per visitor as donation for the residents.
Definitely bring swimsuit for the hot spring!

Side note:
I think, next time I would not go back to Medan but instead continue down to Lake Toba and stay there for a few days.

All in all, we had a really great time in Sumatra. Everyone that we met was overwhelmingly friendly, the nature and wildlife are just amazing – and we also loved the food J

Thank you again for organizing everything for us, we hope to see you again soon!


Best regards
November 2016

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