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5 Things You Can Do in The City of Medan, North Sumatra

5 Things You Can Do in The City of Medan, North Sumatra

North Sumatra is one of the many provinces in Indonesia, with its capital Medan which is also one of the largest cities in Indonesia, certainly have a variety of sights that can be seen while visiting this place. People who visited North Sumatra, first landed in Kuala Namu International Airport Medan. Here the first thing you can do while in the city of Medan, like take pictures around the airport, this is done because this place is one of the largest airports in Indonesia. Located approximately 39 kilometers from the center of Medan, you can ride the train provided the airport, the airport bus, taxi, or also for those who use the services of travel may have provided transportation to the city of Medan.

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Kuala Namu International Airport

Through this article, Anda Sumatra will explain 5 things to do while spending their vacation in the city of Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Among others:

1. Exploring Medan with Bentor (Pedicab Motor)

Activites to do in North Sumatra


You are visiting the city of Medan, with or without a guide travel service, can try out the first activity that surrounds the city of Medan, using vehicles called Bentor or abbreviation of tricycles with a machine like a motorcycle. This type of transport, are numerous and easily found in the streets of the city of Medan, besides the cost is also affordable and quickly get to the destination you want, instead of using taxis or shuttles glittering city. There is one thing that is unique to transportation this one, where there is a term that is already known: only God and the pedicab drivers who know, when Pedicab the turn. Sounds strange, but it is the truth, and for those who first came to the city of Medan, will be surprised when you experience it. And it is the primary attraction for the tourists. Please try and feel the sensation.

2. Culinary Tourism Typical Medan

to do in North Sumatra


North Sumatra has many places to eat delicious, like food karo called arsik, original food india that can be found on Teuku Cik Ditiro Street, Merderka Walk 24-hour supply of various types of snacks is very fitting for a young couple come together, to also enjoy the fruits of the iconic Medan, namely Durian Medan.

3. Seeing Historic Buildings Aged Tens and hundreds of Year

Most Fun Activities to do in North Sumatra

Tjong A Fie Mansion

As one of the largest cities, the city of Medan has many old historical building tens or even hundreds of years, as Maimoon Palace, Tjong A Fie Mansion, and even other historical heritage buildings that can be visited.

4. Visit the Great Mosque of Medan

Great Mosque of Medan Tourist Place in Sumatra

Great Mosque of Medan

In general, places of worship devoted only to certain groups who want to worship, but unlike the Great Mosque in Medan. The foreign tourists of different beliefs, also love to visit this place, just wanted to take pictures with the background of the mosque. Historic thing of this place is a mosque built during the empire that was in Sumatra, during the Sultan Makmoen Al Rasjid Perkasa Alam were also built Maimoon Palace.

5. Visit Rahmat International Wildlife Museum Gallery

Things to do in Medan

This place is a museum that contains animals that have been preserved. Very many species of animals that exist where the amount of approximately 2000 animals. Each animal is an animal that has been preserved dead, then do the pickling process. For those who want to visit this museum can find on the street S.Parman, and to enter into it will cost Rp 25,000 tickets for adults.

so much that can be done in the city of Medan, such as visiting tourist spots that will be shown by the travel providers for travelers who use travel services. The most frequently visited places other is Lake Toba, Sipiso-piso waterfall, met elephants in Tangkahan, see the Sumatran orangutan in Bahorok, Bukit Lawang, and much more can be done during a vacation in the city of Medan.

For those who still want to travel in the city of Medan, can visit places like Medan Mall shopping.

That’s more or less the things that can be done while in the city of Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Hopefully useful.



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