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Do you know The Alternative way to Samosir island ? (North Sumatra Tour)

Do you know The Alternative way to Samosir island ? (North Sumatra Tour)

View of Lake Toba in North Sumatra Indonesia

(by James Jumakir) There are many lovely places to be enjoyed when you do Sumatra tour, especially in North Sumatra. Lake Toba is one of place that you have to visit. It is the biggest lake in Indonesia even Southeast Asia, which located at the super volcano caldera. Lake Toba has 100km length, 30km wide and 505m depth, located on 900m (2;953 ft) above sea level.

During North Sumatra tour, Parapat is the most famous place to enjoy good views of lake Toba, whereas there is another place which also has picturesque views of this greatest lake in the Southeast Asia. One of the best alternatives to savor beautiful sceneries of lake Toba is Tele, located between Pangururan and Sidikalang. This place is still part of Samosir district even located outside of the island.

Through this place you can look how is the wonderful lake Toba by different side. Here you can also enjoy it combine with panorama of Pusuk Buhit mountain, famous with its old story about Batak’s tribe. The Batak’s (one of the tribe in North Sumatra) believed that first Batak’s man who arrive on earth is in Pusuk Buhit.

Pusuk buhit as the highest point you can see in Samosir Island

This alternative route would take around 5-6 hrs from Medan via Brastagi, Sidikalang and Tele. First drive from Medan passing Pancur Batu market before we heading up through the winding road of mountain village of Brastagi. Next road from Brastagi to Sidikalang would be passing through wonderful views of big trees, hills and valley at the both sides. Few bad roads you can find on this way, then we should be more drive carefully. After few hours, you will pass Parbuluan, a border village between Dairi and Samosir districts. Then you will arrive at Tele, where you see surroundings views from the Tower of Tele.

Altenative way to Samosir Island

Tele is the highest point in this area where you can see most of views of lake Toba, Samosir island surroundings. From this tower, we can see how the marvelous winding roads where we will pass if we want proceed to Samosir island. We can also view clearly Pusuk Buhit with panoramic of villages and green rice fields below it. This is amazing views of Samosir! We can also see the waterfall which flows came behind the hills, looks so tiny.

From Tele, you can continue straight to Samosir island where you can stay for long or short time depends on your day availability.

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