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Trip to North Sumatra Indonesia

Trip to North Sumatra Indonesia

North Sumatra is the name of one of the provinces in Indonesia which has a remarkable and wonderful thing in the attraction. This province is the appeal of natural beauty ranging from Lake Toba as the largest lake in Southeast Asia, to the beauty of a forest in Bukit Lawang where there are many sets of Sumatran orangutan. Especially for those who like a challenge, then the place became a must to visit. In addition, other natural landscapes are also very amazing is of the famous volcano in the world is still active is Mount Sibayak.

Diversity of cultures and tribes in North Sumatra is also a new and different things that would be encountered during a trip to Sumatra. The majority of the population is ethnic hobo, also featuring the story itself will like the story of the cultural heritage and traditions of the tribe. To find out, there are certain places which is also a tourist spot that is usually visited during a trip to Sumatra.

In addition to tours that offer stunning natural scenery, in Sumatra also has a variety of rare wildlife and reflects the native Indonesia. The tourists can see the Sumatran orangutans, white-handed gibbons, and there are 17 types of bird species in Sumatra. For a nature lover and like adventure, then it is very unfortunate if it does not come to visit North Sumatra.

North Sumatra capital of Medan is one of the largest city in Indonesia. The community living in the city is very diverse ethnically, and even there are also areas inhabited by native Indians commonly called Kampung Madras. With diversity, Medan also plays an important role in opening business opportunities as the most prominent businesses in the oil industry and plantations.

Now it is ready to travel to northern Sumatra in Indonesia? Traveled into the woods, watching the incredible natural scenery, and communicate directly with the native Batak tribe? Prepare yourself for an experience that is not forgotten.


The food in Sumatra have characteristics such as taste spicy, for which one can be obtained if the try culinary tours to places to eat in the suburbs. While visiting the city of Medan, not to not try the local cuisine such as chicken rice, Shahe Medan, and other foods.

Tribe Batak most dominating in Medan, has a unique cuisine that is mandatory for the try, as arsik, Ikau score (cassava leaves young cooked by mixing coconut milk and fish), and naniura (carp crude mixed with special herbs and juice lime), for which the food is the food is not cooked, steamed, fried, boiled, or baked. However naniura not cause a fishy smell.

For tourists who like the fruit, then the right choice for a culinary tour is to visit Berastagi. Where there are fruit market with various types of fruits there. For a well-known fruit is a citrus fruit that has been classified into fruit exports. In addition, this place also contributed one of the icons commonly taken by tourists as souvenirs of provision syrup drinks known as passion fruit syrup, where to drink can be served hot or cold.

Society and Culture

Populations in northern Sumatra amounted to approximately 12 million people, where there is a division of the five ethnic groups and languages, including Malay tribes settled along the coast of the Malacca Strait, Batak tribe most dominating; mandailing tribe originating from southern Tapanuli, and the last is the nias located off the west coast. In addition, there are also ethnic Chinese people and people of India. By having a diverse race, ethnicity, and language then it can certainly be a lot of information that can be obtained while on vacation to Sumatra.

For the Batak tribe is divided into six culture also has its own language, ceremonies, and traditions are different. Can be found in the vicinity of Lake Toba is also one of the most beautiful areas in Sumatra.

Traditional beliefs Batak tribe is believed that the universe is divided into three, including a world where gods exist, the world is contained man, and the latter is lower world inhabited by spirits and demons. Moreover, in terms of medical, tribal Batak more convinced that good treatment is the use of shamans (traditional healers), because according to their beliefs for the sick person, the soul of the person is detached and wandering, therefore, needed the help of a shaman to call back the soul ,
Traditional House Batak tribe is also something very unique, which will be found houses have a pointed roof shape and height horizontal stripes. One of the roof there is a higher pointy than the other, where it symbolizes that a child in the family Batak tribe, should have a higher degree and is a resident and can be proud for his family. In addition, the house also has a stage shaped empty space below that was provided to raise animals such as pigs and buffalo.

Trip to North Sumatra Indonesia

Many things can be found in northern Sumatra, ranging from keanekaragam cultural, tourist places beautiful, distinctive and unique food and many other things that must be known during a visit to travel to North Sumatra holidays.

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