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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sumatra

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sumatra

Sumatra is the sixth largest Island in the world. Situated in the western part of Indonesia , Sumatra has 57 millions inhabitants and contains thousands spots to be visited. Beside that, Sumatra has everything to show with its 443.000 km2 , we conclude 5 big reasons why sumatra Island is deserved to be explored.

Maninjau Lake in west Sumatra


Wanna explore the sea ? diving into the most beautiful undersea paradise? capturing photo with amazing scene. Truly , Sumatra will give you everything .Many tourism spots with the diversity of magnificence are exist there. From the north part  you will be surprised with adventure trekking in Gunung Leuser National park, afterward you can climb the volcano mountain that still alive in Berastagi. You also will see the biggest caldera in the world  that formed by super volcano eruption 74.000 years ago. And now the caldera filled by one thousand kilometers square water that named Lake Toba. In the western part you will see the richness of Hindia ocean. Diving, Snorkeling and Surfing are compulsory activities in Mentawai and West Sumatra. In the southern you will see the wildlife of Way kambas with Sumatran Rhino. And its only a piece of puzzle for all tourism spot in the Island.


Traditional Dance Batak


You can imagine the traditional dance with its spectacular show or , you will listen to the Country Instrumental which is played melodiously. From age to age their Sumatran ancestors taught the sweetness of  tradition to their offspring. Until now, Sumatra with almost one hundred tribes and sub-ethnic live together peacefully. You can see many traditional houses with their hundreds age are standing in many spots of Sumatra. Their Costumes, tradition , festivals and religions are melting with the harmony. The people are very friendly and kind, if you love history,  Sumatra also have the long story from the past .


Talking about food in Sumatra is likely talking the undeniable facts . Each province in Sumatra having their own culinary. You can taste Rendang from West Sumatra ( the most delicious food that voted by CNN go in 2017) , Soto Medan from North Sumatra , Pempek from Palembang and thousands traditional food will be explored there. You can join the cooking class and try to make the most delicious food in the world. You can looking for many tropical Fruits easily with local farmer, you have to try Durian, Duku , Rambutan , Sawo , Manggis and the other tropical fruits in traditional market. If you’re lucky , you will also find the best coffee in this Island .


Exploring the jungle trek in Gunung Leuser National Park


Many people love the warmness. Sumatra is situated on the equator line. Its temperature always warm and humid. That why Sumatra has the gorgeous rain forests,  amazing wildlife animal , the biggest flower in the world . The Island also prepare the sanctuary for the  endangered creatures . Sumatra is the nest for over 300 species of the birds. Home for Tiger, Orangutan , Rhino , Bear, and the other unique mammals . Exploring Sumatra and boost up your adrenaline.



If you are a traveler on budget ,you never pass this chance to explore every place with low cost. Many backpackers are visiting Sumatra Every year. Overall the price here are reasonable and sometimes extremely saving your money. if you are lucky, you can eat 3 times per day with your 2 dollars in the local restaurant. Hunting the cheapest hotel and meet the local people. Sumatra is open for everyone.

Whatever your travelling style , Sumatra is truly Amazing for Everyone. If don’t know how to begin the trip , you can use the local travel agent with reputation and credibility in their professionalism. Andasumatra is one of the best travel agent that organize your trip and tour in Sumatra even Indonesia. If you want to create your first trip in sumatra you can begin with us.  click here


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